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Thierry Camail and Renaud Leclerc were present at the General Assembly of CEPLIS on November the 21st 2016 in the European Parliament in Brussels. CEPLIS present a new booklet Common Values for Professionals within Europe (June 2016). You can find the text in English,...

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Regulating the profession of osteopathy. Parliamentary question.

On the 6th of June 2016 Philippe Juvin, a Member of the European Parliament (the European People’s Party / Parti Populaire Européen) filed a parliamentary question before the European Commission, following a work with Thierry Camail, the President of European Osteopaths.

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Welcome !

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. Romanian and French osteopaths gathered to bring a new European association to life. They will be joined by other countries very soon. Its main goal is to promote the Osteopathic  profession within European bodies...

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To promote the osteopathic profession in Europe and Worldwide.


To create and obtain a European professional status.


To protect  the interests of European Osteopaths.


To help the member states to obtain a legal status complying with the most favourable European legislations.

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Parlement Européen

European Parliament

Comité Economique et Social Européen (CESE)

The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (ESEC)

Commission Européenne

European Commission

Organisation Mondiale de la Santé

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Conseil de l'Europe

Council of Europe