To gather European osteopaths

Liberal professions represent a huge job potential for the European Community and a more and more important interest for the economic sectors. Within such a European momentum, Osteopathy and osteopaths do have a position to capture. To achieve this, it is important and even necessary for osteopaths to obtain in each member state, a legal status, based on the most favourable regulations already experienced by some countries. The emergence of a European osteopathic profession is essential in order to guarantee and protect our art. Furthermore, it will be a necessary element for the mobility of professionals within Europe.

You also wish to defend your profession, come and join us.

To be more numerous and stronger

  • To promote the osteopathic profession in Europe and Worldwide ;
  • To create and obtain a European professional status ;
  • To protect the interests of European osteopaths ;
  • To help the member states to obtain a legal status complying with the most favourable European legislations.

A permanent contact

  • European Parliament ;
  • European Commission ;
  • The Economic, Social and Environmental Council (ESEC) ;
  • Council of Europe ;
  • World Health Organisation (WHO).